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Top 10 Analytics Companies - 2020

Analytics in retail focuses on providing insights related to sales, inventory, customers, and other important aspects. Essentially, it is used to make better choices, run businesses more efficiently, and deliver improved customer service engagement. Retail analytics utilizes techniques like data mining and data discovery to segregate datasets and produce actionable business intelligence insights that can be applied in practice. Retailers use analytics to gain better visibility into their target demographic and identify ideal customers according to diverse categories such as age, preferences, buying patterns, and location among others.

One of the primary benefits of analytics is optimizing inventory and procurement. Businesses can use historical data and trend analysis to determine the amount and type of orders instead of relying exclusively on past orders. Analytics also helps reduce wasted space and associated overhead costs. Apart from inventory, retailers rely on analytics to identify customer trends preferences by combining sales data with a variety of factors. Companies are also harnessing retail analytics to improve their marketing campaigns by building an improved understanding of individual preferences and gleaning more granular insights. By blending demographic data with information such as shopping habits, preferences, and purchase history, companies can create strategies that focus on individuals and exhibit higher success rates.

Analytics platforms offer 360-degree view of customer needs and allow them to strategize more customer-oriented products, marketing, and service. Successful retail organizations leverage insight about their customers, products, and operations derived to make better decisions around marketing, sales, and operations. With retail analytics, businesses gain a single source of truth about customers’ buying preferences, and online and offline engagement with the brand. Retail analytics is especially important for e-commerce retailers to increase brand awareness and enhance digital advertising results. This insight helps enhance customer experience, which in turn attracts and retains more loyal customer following.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of vendors entering the industry with a set of advanced analytics solutions and services offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed analytics providers, compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Analytics Solution and Service Providers– 2020.’ The enlisted organizations deliver actionable intelligence to positively inform every aspect of a retail business. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you “Top 10 Analytics Companies – 2020.”

    Top Analytics Companies

  • Provides technology solution which is a combination of innovative analytics, deterrence marketing, and intelligent prosecution to create safer retail environments. ALTO serves more than 10,000 locations worldwide, from market leaders such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Zara to smaller regional grocery chains; most of the retailers in Latin America and Mexico are on its customer list. The company has achieved remarkable success by helping its customers streamline operations, reduce theft-related losses, and manage their supply chain logistics risk

  • The company is a global business and technology consulting firm with services spanning across digital strategy and transformation, insights and analytics, business agility, blockchain, and custom software development. Nisum, being a preferred advisor to leading Fortune 500 brands, is building the next generation cloud-based data and AI platforms to help accelerate data transformation and insights. It aims to do that by providing optimal marketing mix modeling in a matter of weeks, delivering hyper-personalization and promotion solutions, and offering real-time notifications, recommendations, and personalized in-store contactless experiences. Nisum is also building automated and more accurate demand forecasting models, offering supply chain visibility and smarter inventory management with its pre-built algorithms alongside providing advanced store and operation

  • Profitect provides AI- and machine learning-powered prescriptive analytics to retail and CPG companies, helping them identify ways to increase revenue and reduce waste without the burden of complex reports. Instead of sending complex reports, Profitect's solution automatically analyzes data and distributes any insights to the appropriate stakeholder in the form of opportunities. Each opportunity explains in simple, easy-to-understand language what is happening and exactly how to respond through a "prescriptive action." These prescriptive actions empower employees at the edge to resolve problems before they can cause significant losses

  • The Allan Sullivan Company works with CPG clients and equips them with its core services including turn-key sales representation, sales operations automation, and reporting and dashboarding. The Allan Sullivan Company is sales and analytics firm empowering manufacturers with the power of analytics by automating their sales operations through its Mission Control analytics system. What makes The Allan Sullivan Company different than most analytical firms is its approach in maximizing sales talent through technology to deliver a high-touch, personalized experience to its clients while reducing overall cost

  • attune


    Attune offers consulting services and technology solutions to the fashion industry to manage its businesses. By leveraging SAP and other digital tools, attune helps fashion and lifestyle companies transform into the digital, omni-commerce age. As a close collaborator with SAP on the development of the S/4HANA Fashion solution, attune brings an unparalleled industry and product know-how to help fashion brands take advantage of technology investments more quickly. Attune attracts the best-in-class talent to deliver superior outcomes to their clients and partners

  • Crealytics


    Crealytics helps leading international ecommerce companies to drive product advertising and paid search performance. Crealytics is a forward-thinking performance marketing agency. It works exclusively in the retail sector, offering a holistic approach to search, shopping, and paid social campaigns on Google, Bing, Amazon, Pinterest, and Facebook. Crealytics isolates marketing from merchandising and pricing policies by breaking down the silos. As a result, retailers can direct product ad investment to maximize profitability and Customer Lifetime Value

  • Neocortex


    Neocortex is an Oracle eBusiness Suite consulting firm that helps high-tech and bio-tech companies solve a wide range of technology and business problems. With the domain and analytics knowledge and tools, and using the vast amounts of latent enterprise CRM and ERP data available in an organization, they help decision-makers make informed, data-driven decisions. They have provided over 1 million onshore consulting hours to solve a wide range of technology and business issues for high-tech and biotech companies, mostly in the bay area of San Francisco



    Potoo delivers actionable analytics with concierge service, giving clients the power to take back control of their brands in the online marketplace, and arming them with a crucial edge over the competition, leading to transformational growth. Potoo tracks and manages millions of different items, from many of the world's most valued brands, across all product categories. Potoo is the recognized market place data leader. After studying a client's catalog and distribution system closely, Potoo equips them with cutting-edge insights and best practices, based on their business goals

  • Thought Provoking Consulting

    Thought Provoking Consulting

    Thought Provoking Consulting (TPC) is a specialist retail consultancy, providing retailers with business advisory services, project and program management expertise to improve their performance and realize their strategic vision. TPC equips retailers with the necessary tools, processes, and expertise to improve their performance and realize their strategic vision. They aim to make complex challenges simpler through experience and pragmatism, while always being thought provoking

  • Yantriks


    Yantriks supports industry-leading retail brands to unite inventory and fulfillment data into a single platform to create personalized digital commerce experiences. With a unique combination of technology and expertise in professional services, Yantriks helps create personalized digital trading experiences that lead to higher conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and increased customer satisfaction. The company was founded by eCommerce and Order Management experts in 2014 and has offices in Westborough, Mass, and Bangalore, India

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